Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What quality can I expect from my print?
All my images are taken with a digital SLR camera and then printed on high quality matte, luster or glossy photo paper by a professional printing lab in Vancouver, BC. Due to differences in computer monitor settings, the actual prints may differ slightly from the images on this website.

2) Do you guarantee high quality prints?
Yes, every image provided by Inspired by Imagination Photography is of high quality. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality, you will get a refund upon submitting the original image within 30 days of delivery. As with most online merchants, Inspired by Imagination Photography does not refund shipping fees, nor pay for return shipping fees. No refund will be given if the print has been damaged or shows any kind of usage.

3) Are your prints signed?
Yes, each print is signed on the back and if requested can also be signed or initialed on the front.

4) Why are your prints not framed or matted?
Due to the large variation in personal taste for framing and matting, I have decided to provide prints only. This way, you are able to select the framing and matting of your choice at your local framing store.

5) What framing and matting do you recommend?
The large selection of frames available today makes it difficult to suggest one specific kind. The easiest way is to search online or visit your local framing store to see what is available. In terms of the glass, it all depends on the environment where the print will be displayed and the detail quality you want to achieve. Regular glass, being the most economical choice, will provide the highest details in the image, however, it will also result in the most glare from windows or direct light sources. Anti-reflective glass will slightly reduce the image details but will also reduce the amount of glare. In most cases, anti-reflective glass tends to be approximately 50% more expensive than regular glass. For matting, I recommend using an acid free mat for all your prints to prevent future damage to the images.

6) How long does it take to receive my print?
It may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for orders to arrive within North America, depending on the shipping method. If faster delivery is required, expedited courier service is available for an additional charge.

7) Why are some prints not available in every size?
Due to the resolution of some image files, select prints will be impossible to enlarge to sizes bigger than a 12” x 18” without greatly reducing the high quality of the images.

8) What happens if the print was damaged during shipping?
Every print is handled with the utmost care to prevent damage of any kind. However, accidents can happen during shipping and therefor it is recommended that you inspect the image upon delivery and contact the shipping company immediately if the print is damaged.